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Must remain open lockers, cabinets and compartments existing clothes in the same deck, inside the bags or packages, to thus be able to apply the products in the largest area possible.

The supplies that are not sealed such as flour, cereal, sugar, etc ... will also be covered.

After these operations will proceed to complete the ship fumigation and should remain closed compartments treated for a period not less than three hours.

During the ten days of the completion of the treatment should not be swept or scrubbed in treated sites, in order to avoid removal of the applied product.


Fumigation thermal fogger laser accompanied with approved products according to their health records and in the same way every 15 days by spraying the entire municipality.

These works are made of 5 am to 8 am for being most suitable times for the extermination of adult mosquitoes and less annoying for the inhabitants.

The Company agrees that in the event of flooding and therefore a large water level rise in reeds and sandy areas, and had great plague of mosquitoes; urgent treatment is performed with the necessary means, helicopter, plane, or any necessary machinery as areas to be treated, with no charge to be included in our responsibility.




Scientists have shown that insect arthropods and particularly urban transmit more than 40 diseases and alter the welfare of people. The solution is effective and unobtrusive.

- Experts in the extermination of the German cockroach applying a special gel, disappearing the pest in 15 days.

- We conducted a thorough review and give a diagnosis for free and without obligation.

- Field design an Action Plan set to your needs.

- We use only organic insecticide and odorless.

So, you ensure the most rapid and lasting coverage under our Guarantee Protection Hygiene Control Monter.

There will be a specific treatment for any kind of crawling insects.

Consist of the application of a high concentration of insecticide lacquer which will extend baseboards door frames, windows, balconies, all units including similar treatment in sewers and hatches them, smearing and reinforcing with Thermo nebulizer Lasser Smoke filled the entire network-Inhabited Gas.




There will be an initial shock treatment based on vitamin ratonicidas seed placement in all indoor units, reinforcing the action of these baits ratonicida varnish on all existing and nooks and crannies that are most likely habitat for rodents such as steps of lifts, kitchen, cafeteria, shops, offices, electrical cable ducts, piping steps, downspouts and other areas sewer once checked by our technical staff sees fit to use the product for a quicker extermination of rodents .

This aforementioned lacquer or varnish is of the most modern in Europe, these rodents to lick their fur and paws and ingest the product from inception until his death about two days elapse.

Regarding vitamin seeds after long years of experimentation have shown that mice (SHREW) are rich in vitamin A, so by eating further doses of the vitamin makes them cause cardiac arrest on the third or fourth day .





Disinfection is a treatment carried out after the detention form or evidence of the presence of bacteria, viruses, fungi or yeasts.

At the same time, it must ensure the detection of the source of contamination to implement structural hygienic mean that prevent reinfestation.

A check is made of the efficiency achieved after the implementation of the measures, so as to confirm that rates have recovered desired tolerance.

He made a shock treatment against positive and gram negative bacteria, fungi, like the vermin in all changing rooms, toilets, showers, offices, laboratories, clinics, basements, etc ....






Urban commensal rodents are present in the subsurface primary way of all cities. The most effective control begins with taking steps to warn and prevent access to the facilities. Whether you are looking like prevention have already agreed. CHILDREN MONTER and gives you the most effective and safe solution tailored to your particular case:

- Thorough inspection and a free no-obligation diagnosis at the time.

- Analysis of the structural and hygiene to prevent the attraction, access or the presence of rodents, and security for sensitive environments (children, pets, etc ...).

- Elimination of rodents present is by active high security measures.

- Tracking prevention ensuring lasting effectiveness.

So, you will benefit the welfare of a rodent-free environment, with the added welfare systems of knowing that we use for that pose no additional risk.

There will be a shock treatment, using baits misicumarinicos in places affected by rats such as: stairs ceilings, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, offices. These baits will be introduced in booths or tubes which will protect the environment and atmospheric phenomena like rain and humidity, these tubes are placed at a distance of 20 meters from each other.

This product mentioned above is highly requested by rodents not only for its food itself, but also by incorporating the same product MONTER of sexual attraction, attracting different species to a distance of 100 meters. Its action is slow and cumulative and the rodent does not realize that violent poisons ingested, they stop eating.

Powders used also contact areas and underground cable transformers, being the property of them, very effective because as the name implies, only step on and lick its paws and fur, and rats ingesting the product from the initiation of pass this until his death six to seven days.





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