There will be an initial shock treatment based on vitamin ratonicidas seed placement in all indoor units, reinforcing the action of these baits ratonicida varnish on all existing and nooks and crannies that are most likely habitat for rodents such as steps of lifts, kitchen, cafeteria, shops, offices, electrical cable ducts, piping steps, downspouts and other areas sewer once checked by our technical staff sees fit to use the product for a quicker extermination of rodents .

This aforementioned lacquer or varnish is of the most modern in Europe, these rodents to lick their fur and paws and ingest the product from inception until his death about two days elapse.

Regarding vitamin seeds after long years of experimentation have shown that mice (SHREW) are rich in vitamin A, so by eating further doses of the vitamin makes them cause cardiac arrest on the third or fourth day .