Scientists have shown that insect arthropods and particularly urban transmit more than 40 diseases and alter the welfare of people. The solution is effective and unobtrusive.

- Experts in the extermination of the German cockroach applying a special gel, disappearing the pest in 15 days.

- We conducted a thorough review and give a diagnosis for free and without obligation.

- Field design an Action Plan set to your needs.

- We use only organic insecticide and odorless.

So, you ensure the most rapid and lasting coverage under our Guarantee Protection Hygiene Control Monter.

There will be a specific treatment for any kind of crawling insects.

Consist of the application of a high concentration of insecticide lacquer which will extend baseboards door frames, windows, balconies, all units including similar treatment in sewers and hatches them, smearing and reinforcing with Thermo nebulizer Lasser Smoke filled the entire network-Inhabited Gas.