Must remain open lockers, cabinets and compartments existing clothes in the same deck, inside the bags or packages, to thus be able to apply the products in the largest area possible.

The supplies that are not sealed such as flour, cereal, sugar, etc ... will also be covered.

After these operations will proceed to complete the ship fumigation and should remain closed compartments treated for a period not less than three hours.

During the ten days of the completion of the treatment should not be swept or scrubbed in treated sites, in order to avoid removal of the applied product.


Fumigation thermal fogger laser accompanied with approved products according to their health records and in the same way every 15 days by spraying the entire municipality.

These works are made of 5 am to 8 am for being most suitable times for the extermination of adult mosquitoes and less annoying for the inhabitants.

The Company agrees that in the event of flooding and therefore a large water level rise in reeds and sandy areas, and had great plague of mosquitoes; urgent treatment is performed with the necessary means, helicopter, plane, or any necessary machinery as areas to be treated, with no charge to be included in our responsibility.